Thursday, March 1, 2007


I am relieved that it's March! I've always struggled with the winter blues and March means that birds will be singing, and weather may be warmer and spring is around the corner and that makes me happy! Add to that the changed daylight savings times and I'll be even happier. what can I update about?
  • Congrats to my bro who landed a gig yesterday on HHI.
  • Band practice tonight! Woot!
  • Headed to HHI this weekend w/ the world's coolest nephew, GabeyJoephis.
  • Been busy...but not too bad.
  • That's it... pics for American Idol:
Guys that should be booted:
Seriously, he has a future as a drag queen but not a future in this competition. He needs to go!

Great voice but based on performance, he really stepped in it on Tuesday night. I know he wanted to dedicate his song to his gramma but it was a poor song choice!

Girls who should get the boot on AI:
Seriously, she should have been gone last week. And then when the racy pics of her surfaced, they should have booted her. So she needs to go so she can just go to a photoshoot w/ PlayBoy and get it over with!
And she even had a 'tude when she was getting feedback! Sheesh!

Again, cute as a button but not a strong enough voice to be in this competition. She was too pitchy and I just don't think she'll be on the show for much longer. favorite performances of the week:

Looooved his performance of "Geek in the pink" and he has got an awesome voice. And he reminds me of my little brother.

see? see the resemblance?

And looooved her performance of "My Funny Valentine". I'd buy a record from her right now!

That's all for now!

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