Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why I want YOUR moneh!

I've done a lot of thinking lately and came to some tough decisions regarding my future as a podcaster.

Just like it takes a village to raise lil' ones, it kinda needs to take a cyber-village to keep this lil' podcaster around. On my last episode in late December, I shared about my main resource: energy. And since I'm a therapeutic ninja, that requires most of my energy. I fully understand that this is my choice and I take responsibility for that. However, with many things in life, how I chose to spend my energy isn't as simple as an "either/or" set's really more of an "and" set up, if you catch my drift.

For example, I refuse to put myself into a position of "Either I spend my energy podcasting or I spend my energy being a therapeutic ninja". One of the greatest things about being an adult is the flexibility I try to afford myself to do as much as I can with the little possible. Hence, "I'd like to spend my energy podcasting AND I'd like to continue to be a therapeutic ninja".

Thus, the difficult decision was made on my part to put my sparkly-bedazzled-pank-cyber hat out and ask anyone who would like to contribute to the ongoing misadventures of sillyfru and Sassypants Knitter Podcast. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don't ask for help readily, but the reality is that it does cost money to run a podcast. I've been very happy with podbean, my hosting site, but I do have to pay $$ to maintain it. The other non-quantifiable cost is time..and it does take time..and lots of it. Any monies donated will go towards the cost of paying for gas to get me up to Charlotte, and long term parking for a few days.

Okay, I think I've blogged enough about this. Oh, and before I forget:

I'm launching a new blog that is going to be soley focused on my can find it at:

Head over there if you want to help me remain accountable to myself and the universe as I maintain my 50 lbs loss and hopefully lose a bit more.

That's all I got for now, Fru-out!

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prymnumber said...

I totally support you Fru! You've worked hard on this podcast and you deserve the financial boost. Take care of your health!