Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd week of january = snow, ice, knittin goodness

Happy Tuesday from BayBay kitteh who loves her Daddy and uses him as a leg rest whenever she gets the chance.

I completed this Tawashi for my Potions class. It's for an upcoming bebeh shower!

I crotcheted this hat yesterday but it's a bit too bit so I may felt it a bit to shrink it a bit.

SuperC and I out in the snow/ice.

Alright, stay warm and dry and don't drive unless you have to....fru, out!


wooliegirl said...

Don't you love the snow when you can stay home and knit? I do!!! Good time to snuggle with the babies and be crafty.
I LOVE your hat! I am into hats these days and need to make me a good one...great pattern and color on you!
Stay warm. I'm going to go get some kitten hugs right now :)

Heather said...

nice pink hat:) and i love the photo you and your dude:)