Tuesday, October 26, 2010

T minus 2 days!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Okay my head is full up this AM of various stuffs I could blog about so here it is, quick and dirty:

  • Happy Birthday to my father in law, whom I call "Papa". I love you!
  • JiJi kitty is currently beating the snot out of the air filter box and is soo proud of herself and is making sure I share this domination with you, dear bloggers.2nd shipment of Cherry Tree Sock of the Month club arrived yesterday. November's colorway: Secret Garden. Fru's opinion: I looooove it!!!
I leave in two days for my whirlwind adventure and all would be well but I have a to-do list as long as my hair (it's pretty long these days) and between working out and therapeutic ninja duties, I am a busy girl.

I have every intention of podcasting a bitty bit before I hit the road but lemme go ahead and share my trip schedule w/ y'all:

  • Thursday-Saturday: Fly from Charlotte, drive to Ft. Belvior, coo over Baby Addie, stay out of the way, and get my knit on, coo over le Bebeh some more and try to help AwesomeTash anyway I can
  • Saturday-Sunday: Rocket up to Frederick Maryland where my cousin, Poppers, and I will be getting out toes did on Sunday and her awesome butt is driving me into Baltimore on Monday so I don't spent a fortune on the rental car.
  • Monday-Sunday: Baltimore Inner Harbor Marriott where I will be enhancing my therapeutic ninja skills, knitting, resting, working out, working some more on myself and enjoying the company of some people soo very dear to me.
Okay, that's all I gots for now. Love y'all!

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KnitNurd said...

You are gathering quite a stash there girl! CTH is one of my favorites.

Have a wonderful trip...you are going to have such a great time meeting your new little Applejax and I know she is going to feel every drop of love from her auntie fru! You must be about to burst with excitement..who could blame you, she's such a little sweetie!!!