Thursday, October 14, 2010

My favorite t shirt

If you're not familiar w/, check it out. They now have and that is where I landed this awesome tshirt that arrived yesterday and I will be wearing proudly at training group this morning.

Yesterday was very stressful b/c SuperC and I had to take wonderJi to the vet. She was acting puny on Tuesday evening, very weak and vomiting so we stayed home with her yesterday and took her to see the vet. The diagnosis: she had a bug that just knocked the snot out of her. She got shots of antibiotics and has been on the mend since.

I know there was a question as to whether y'all could see my jazzercise half time performance and I'm fairly certain that it will be video taped so as soon as it goes up, I'll make sure I link it here. I'm very excited but my schedule is a bit wonky since I took yesterday off.

I did get a lot of knitting done yesterday on my cherry blossom monkehs and I"m not sure if I'ma keep em or frog em..I'm not sure if it's the pattern that I'm not liking or wat but we'll see.

Oh and look at this sock pron I found yesterday:

For some reason, whenever I look at this I think of the CareBears but seriously, the dyer hand paints the sock to look this way and then you knit it up. The dyer is Abigail Grasso and her etsy shop is here. I'm seriously thinking of splurging and buying these to help snap me out of my winter funk!!


KnitNurd said...

Glad your JiJi is going to be okay!
Are you doing the Monkeys as written or are you doing the no purl version? I will warn you before you finish...if you decide to keep them, try them on when you're at a spot where you can do so. It's not a pattern with a lot of ease, but maybe if you're a loose enough knitter they will be okay for you. I wear mine, but they are fairly snug.

wooliegirl said...

Oh hugs to JiJi with well wishes, that is no fun! And I love Woot! I recently bought the "contagious" shirt with all the viruses :)