Monday, October 11, 2010

JiJi presh! & perspective!

Happy Monday!!

First I have to share some JiJi Presh (aka Precious!!!) Moments!!

Every AM, she sits right beneath me as I putter around on my computer and stalk ppl on fb and ravelry. here's a pic:
And every morning I can hear her purring until the cows come home and mind melding with me so I tried an experiment.
I went and got her "race car" the Keurig Paul Newman Coffee cup box b/c who needs $$ of cat toys when she can just play w/ a box and tried to kick the box's ass every morning?, ya know? She hopped in the race car and settled down. She was mind melding that we were having an adventure.

Then I set the box in front of my monitor on my desk so I could love on her and she could supervise my farming in Farmville.

She approves!

Not to be outdone, here is a shot of her sister, that I snapped yesterday:
That's BayBay kitty, sprawled out on her back, in the hall way. I wanted to get closer but then she'd run away!!

And now a bit of perspective!

This Saturday, I'm making my dancing debut w/ my Jazzercise group as we perform at the half time of the Exhibition Game for the Charlotte Bobcats vs. the Detroit Pistons. Lemme tell you why this is a big deal:

  • I love to dance and I now LOVE fitness.
  • As a child, I double fractured my left leg while playing softball. I broke it at the growth plate and the femur. So by about 3rd grade, my athletic career was over.
  • This time last year, there is NO WAY you'd catch me dancing at half time. I think something like, "I'll be the fattest girl out there".
  • This year, I may still be the biggest girl out there but I'm very excited.
  • Since my athletic career was cut short, I spent much of my time in the marching band. No time for dance classes, watnot. I do remember a brief baton twirling class that I adored and a gymnastics debacle when I was in kindergarten.
  • So this Saturday, I get to honor the dancing athlete that I've become. I hope y'all will join me in that celebration!
Now I gotta go rehearse and put Vaseline on my teef so they sparkle!!


Gnat said...

Pictures of the kitty are so cute!! Hope all goes well!

KnitNurd said...

Is there any way we will get to see your performance? Sure hope so!!!
Love your kitty babies!!!

Heather said...

that sounds pretty rockin! how did it go??