Monday, October 18, 2010

An epic performance

Here are my jazzy friends before our performance on Saturday night! These are the amazing women who have supported me, loved me, and cheered me through a 50 lb weight loss.

Our performance was awesome!!! I had a complete blast. I hope to have video of it to share very soon but we did so well that we will prolly be invited back to perform at a Carolina Basketball game.

The awesome part is that my Mom and Dad were there along with SuperC and our friends, Dushawn and Anama. And my Dad said that he didn't know that I had other talents that included Jazzercise. That just made my day!!! To have those people there to see me perform meant the world to me!!

Okay so now I'm off to go work out w/ my Jazzercise gals and then head into the practice for a long but rewarding day!

Hugs, snaps, love and sass!! Fru-out!


Gnat said...

How awesome!! Congrats on a great performance!

KnitNurd said...

The whole group looks awesome!!!