Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Energy shift

Recovering from an epic burn out, I decided last Thursday to move my office around. The feedback I've gotten so far has been that it's more cozy the new way. here are some pics of my special place, my consulting room, my sanctuary:
This is what you see when you walk into my office now.

This is where I sit, most of the time. The shawl on the back was made for me from the amazingly awesome, Ilovesockmonkeys

This is my collection of angels, stained glass stuff I made and other things I love.


yarnsalad said...

Pretty! I would love to come for some therapeutic ninjistry. (I love making up words...)

Gnat said...

Looks great! Can I come sit on your couch and knit? :)

wooliegirl said...

It does look cozy and safe...I could open up and share some secrets and feel better, but I would steal your shawl!