Monday, August 23, 2010

beans & polenta!

Happy Monday!

I've enjoyed a much needed quiet morning and am now having an early lunch before I head out the door to begin my work.

I'm having left over bean soup made in the crockpot w/ a handful of green beans thrown in and grilled polenta that my Dad gave me. It's very good!

I've been quiet on le blog lately because I've been editing and creating the newsletter for the one professional organization that I'm really the most passionate about: The American Academy of Psychotherapists. As of January 1, I will be the new Newsletter Editor, beginning a 3 year term of service. My very precious and dear friend Lex flew into town to help me as the current editor. We worked pretty nonstop all day Saturday and I worked on it pretty much all day yesterday. So I've not been able to get much knitting or crotcheting done but I will resume today.

I'm also very excited about another adventure that you may have heard me blather about on le podcast: Grammy is teaching me how to sew. Many moons ago, she and my late Pap Pap found a 1972 Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine w/ Cabinet for sale at the Bargain Box on Hilton Head. They got it for me and at the time, I did not have the patience or the zest to attempt to do anything with it. Well, Gram and I set it up on Friday and I've learned how to:
  • thread a bobbin
  • thread my needle
  • oil the heck out of an old sewing machine
I got right up to where I would start to make practice stitches and we couldn't get the machine to work so we gave up and thought that the machine had just been in hibernation too long. We were wrong! My Grammy figured it out and on Friday, I begin more of my sewing lessons..and boy, oh boy, do I have plans. I won't share those yet but let's just say they will be pretty fantastic, mmkay?

enjoy your Monday! Fru-out!


wooliegirl said...

First congrats on your new position...awesome! And secondly, yee-hah for the sewing!!! I find it so relaxing and inspiring and addicting...I so hope you love it!! You will be whipping out catnip mice for your little ones in no time!
That and pajama pants...or at least I do :)

ps everytime your windchimes tinkle my dogs perk their ears up...hilarious!

KnitNurd said...

Awesome on your new position Wendy!!! You will be great at it!
I love my Sears Kenmore and I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't learned to sew as a very young girl. I sewed ALL of my kids school clothes, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and my then husband's shirts. I don't do much of it these days, but once in a while, I do get the urge.