Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Monday from JiJi Crocodile Kitty. We easily have hundreds of dollars of toys around the house for both of the girls. But the best toys that they adore the most are things like Styrofoam drink holders, boxes, and filter covers. In the picture above, this is JiJi kitty chilling in the bottom of a Styrofoam cooler that came home with me last night from Mimi and Pop Pop's house.
And this is JiJi's expression after I've kissied her face off and she's done tolerating me.



KnitNurd said...

Aren't animals funny that way? My little girl, Maggie, has oodles of puppy toys too and yet, her favorite is an empty plastic soda pop bottle...the small individual sized ones. She will roll that around on the floor for hours! LOL

wooliegirl said...

I love it! My babies love shoeboxes...cramming their fat furry bellies into the smallest boxes. We need refunds on those toys!