Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dive Bombers & Hindus for the win!

Hey y'all,

Okay, here are two clips of the two awesome ass exercises I did in training group this week:

And here are the Hindu Push Ups:

So it's Thursday and I'm feeling like a superhero from doing these awesome exercises.

Knit wise, I frogged the CandyLands yet again. And have met my goal as a hand cycler for Tour de Fleece by knitting 20 minutes a day.

that's all i got for now..fru, out!


Andrew Newby said...

How have I lived without having seen that first video?!?!

The second vid was dumb.

KnitNurd said...

Think I'll stick with my armchair aerobics until my little Maggie gets big enough to go on walks.
Kudos to you though for getting through those!!!

wooliegirl said...

Go TDF and butt exercise...but I hate butt exercise!