Friday, July 2, 2010

adaptation is such a bitch

So in the midst of getting a heart rate monitor and listening to all the stuff that the awesome guy who runs my training group says, I realized something pretty big today earlier at jazzercise.

so here's how I understand this stuff and I could be wrong so if I am, please leave a comment to correct me. But essentially, our bodies adapt to the level that we work out. Which is why if you've done Curves, you hit a plateau and then either add more weight or do a different exercise.

well, it's happened to me in jazzercise. I wore my heart rate monitor this AM to just see b/c I noticed after I trained w/a trainer that the top part of the the hardest part of the workout set, I'd be winded but okay. Well sure enough, I looked down at my heart rate monitor this AM and I was holding at a steady 160 bpm, which according to this means that I'm working out too hard, and am in "hardcore training mode" whilst I'm shaking it. So if I'm understanding this right, I'm way past the wt loss zone and am training where I should be working out less hard?! that don't make no sense. Correction to above: my avg heart rate this AM whilst working out at jazzercise was 148.

this stuff confuzles meh big time.


prymnumber said...

Hey Fru-girl,

You are right on the dot about our bodies adapting. take a listen to the Fat-2-Fit podcast ( Those 2 guys talk a lot about how to get past the plateau.

You look great by the way! I love your smile!

irene (aka prymnumber on Rav)

Courtney said...

Sorry I cant help you with that I am no good at all that stuff...but congrats on your awesome workouts!