Thursday, June 24, 2010

I back in the saddle again.....I'm back!

I managed to crank out a podcast yesterday! You can find the latest edition of my misadventures of podcasting goodness in the box to the right of le blog.

Survived training yesterday and was told again by a completely different person that:
  1. Are you sure you weren't an athlete in school?
  2. You did a lot better than I expected.
  3. You're a lot stronger than I expected.
So I shall commence to move my schedule around so I can train w/ this group twice a week. We do mainly exercises that we did when we were in PE in elementary school. Remember hanging from the monkey bars?! did it. Remember jumping jacks and travelling forward? Did it! Remember frog jumping forward?! Did it!

I realize that means that I shall be working out M-Saturday and I say fuckin' bring it on..I'll be the hottest gym rat I know!

that's it for now, fru out!

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Courtney said...

hehe Gym rat... I like that :-)