Wednesday, June 30, 2010

holy hell, i'm beat

Happy Hump Day!

so the above picture occurred yesterday evening. This is what happens in the house when we have normal thunder bumpers. BayBay kitty does NOT like thunder bumpers at ALL. So this is what occurred yesterday during a storm. JiJi kitty goes near BayBay and stays near her to let her know that it's okay. And it's sooo sweet!!And happiness is also this tshirt that I found on after someone told me about it at my summer workshop. Do you know who it is? Do you get it? It's Princess Leia and she gave Chewbacca a new hair style! buwahahaha...I think Chewy looks like JiJi kitty so i had to get the shirt.And if I ever wanted to know why i never get any knitting's for reasons pictured above..wonder kitteh JiJi loves my project bags and hams around them and I can't disrupt such cuteness.

On other notes, I'm very tired. I'm blogging during the time I'd normally be at jazzercise but my body said, "please fru, give us a break". I went to my 2nd training session yesterday and did more awesome stuff that we did in PE class. I crab walked backwards, and did an inverted hand stand with my legs up on the wall. Thank goodness for my heart monitor. I worked my ass off and my inner athlete was so like, "hells yeah..wat else we gonna do?!". I am tired this am and instead of going to jazzercise, I'm resting b/c I will not over do it and injure myself. I'd rather take a day off until I get stronger than injure myself and not be able to do anything.

Okay, that's all I gotz for now.
fru-la-la, OUT!

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