Thursday, May 6, 2010


And so it begins, the time of year for me which is so wonderful and also so very bittersweet.

This is the time of year in my practice where I say 'goodbye' to some of my clients who are ready for the next chapter of adventures in their own lives. And then it will happen again in August. While I don't have children, I imagine that some of what I feel is probably how a parent feels when the launch a little one off to kindergarten or college.

In June and July of this year, I am "launching" some extraordinary people. To say that I am proud of them doesn't seem to fit but to say to them that I will miss them and that I believe in their path doesn't seem to have enough "umph" to it either. I struggle with finding my words to let clients know that I miss them when they've gone.

As I become more and more aware of experiential psychotherapy and how the relationship between client and therapist is healing agent of change, I am so much more aware of how sacred my consulting room feels. I find myself wanting to tell the loud people in the lobby, "sshhhh! this is holy space you're in!".

So there's where I am this morning. Grateful, thankful, a bit sad but profoundly grateful for the work I do and more importantly, the people I do it with.


KnitNurd said...

Your clients are so lucky to have you as their therapist, and I'm sure they know that! How awesome to have such a satisfying career, fru!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just started listening to your podcast and I love it. I've listened to sock sass and spring quick and dirty. You have a great podcasting voice and are very fun to listen too.

Glad I found you on itunes. :)

knittinwolf said...

So many touch our lives too...I still have fond memories of patients...then others (borderlines) I wish them well but...:) Think of all the lives you touch!:)