Monday, April 19, 2010

Retreat Recap-a-con!

me, in le rental car, rocking out to Glee!
I didn't realize that you drove right down Bay Street, one of the main drags in Savannah to get to Tybee Island. Here's a shot of my favorite things about the low country: Spanish Moss!
So here's my room, I told superC it was like a flamingo exploded but I liked it!


KnitNurd said...

I've lived in Georgia before, but never got to go to Tybee Island, and I only got a peek of Savannah. :=(
So glad you had such a great time!!

Tasha King said...

love you singing in the car!

knittinwolf said...

I collect flamingo stuff so love the exploding flamingo room! Although it should have PINK!!:) On James and mine first date I was singing to the music (he had music super loud)...all of a sudden he pulls over to the side of the road and says "omg my speakers are all messed up and broken" gets out to go check the big box of speakers...gets back in car and I said "wellllll I was singing..." We still laugh at this when I start singing in the car! Reminds me of the movie RV when the wife starts singing to the ipod....and oooohh am I really bad with that on!:)