Monday, April 26, 2010

never enuf time or yarn

Happy Monday, bebehs.

Okay, quick and dirty, here we go:
  • ya'll freakin' rock my socks with all the weight loss love. I have to tell y'all that it wouldn't have been possible with the the support and love of my family, and of course, y'all!
  • jazzercise this AM was AWESOME!! I'm getting collarbones?!! Yes, I know, I've always had them..but the last time I saw them..I think I was 5?!
  • yesterday AM found me catching up on much needed book keeping and charting for my practice
  • I got my hands on Outlander by Diana Galbadon but I also agree with knitnpurlgurl, it's a bit slow. It better pick up or that puppy is going back to the library. I am also listening to Committed, Liz Gilbert's book on how she made peace with marriage, on audiobook in the car. So far, I love it.
  • I snagged the one bit of free time I had today to crank out another podcast. It' s a bit dull but I needed to put one out so people hadn't thought I had joined the circus. I also managed to do show notes for the last two episodes found here
  • I moved my office around a bit so that I could sit closer to my clients. yes, I said in, if i need to lean closer to connect with someone, I can.
  • Weather here is beautiful. I enjoyed listening to the wind and the windchimes for much of the day today.
  • That's all I got for a monday, fru-out!


KnitNurd said...

Yayyyy for collarbones!!! :=)

knittinwolf said...

Yayyyy I get to hear ya!