Thursday, March 18, 2010


this morning brought me news of the loss of a dear colleague of mine from AAP I guess if you're in a professional organization long enough, you have to accept that the giants of psychotherapy, the ones that trained with your heroes like Karl Whitaker and Virginia Satir will also fall one day.

the person who passed away was one of the first people who helped me address the issues of my excess weight in the first workshop I atttended at Callaway Gardens. It was a difficult year and the work was exhausting. What remains remarkable to me was that this dear man never failed to see me, look at me, despite having excess weight.

sadly, i'm noticing that more and more these days. There are people, dear amazing people who have always seen me, not the extra weight I carried. They are the ones that don't say so much about my being smaller because it doesn't matter to them. Although I enjoy the compliments, being 45 lbs lighter has changed the way other people interact with me. I like it but it's bittersweet if that makes sense?

either way, Godspeed dear friend..thank you for seeing me.

Happy Thursday, bebehs! fru-out!

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knittinwolf said...

I'm so sorry, thoughts, and prayers sent your way.

You are a very beautiful person, never, ever forget that!