Sunday, March 21, 2010

Never come between a girl & her purse

Happy Sunday, bebehs! I'm a tired, water-logged panda, blogging and sharing my adventures this evening.

Saturday was an awesome day because I gotz me a new purse and it is fabulous..I just can't figure out what to call her...perhaps, "chiquita" but anyhoo..I look at this purse and it makes me smile:And here is me, prissing around with my new purse..because that's just wat I do:Friday was an awesome day spent with Grammy.

Saturday was the introduction of the above awesome purse, and a killer h20 aerobics class taught at the Y.

Today has been a blur, mainly because most of it was spent at a continuing education training for my h20 aerobics certification. That's right, me in the water for 4 hours, learning how to do even more kewl stuff with equipment and noodles and such. As a result, I've been cold all day.

Sometime this week, I will be cranking out another podcast. I'm almost done w/ my Knit for Charity, y'all Lapghan and casted on for Gnat's Padfoots. I haz pictures but I'm pretty tired.

That's all for now, fru-out!


Tasha King said...

i wish we lived closer so i could spend saturday with you...

knittinwolf said...

Very cute purse, lots of room for knittin' too!:)

Wow 4 hours I bet you're a pruny panda! Great job!

KnitNurd said...

I always look forward to new episodes of your podcast!
Ditto to what knittinwolf said about the purse!

Tasha said...

I seriously love a yellow purse. I can't wear yellow but I can tote a bright yellow bag of sunshine around.