Saturday, March 13, 2010

Considering MDS&W

so yesterday afternoon, I was stalking ppl on fb and saw that Gnat was pining away for Maryland Sheep and Wool. So just out of curiosity, I checked how far West Friendship MD (where it's held) is from Frederick, MD. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I realized that MDS&W is being held a mere 30 minutes from Casa de GrammyBelle?!!!

Then the wheels commenced to a-turning...checked airfare from Charlotte to's doable. Realized that AwesomeTash & JMK are 1.15 minutes away from MDSW. See..what some ppl may not realize is that this sparkly girl was born in Maryland. It's my stomping grounds and while my parents assure me that I lived briefly around the College Park area, I think..I've always felt comfortable there. I haz a connection in DC, Ft. Belvior, Frederick, Baltimore, and Bowie. I haz a handful of therapeutic ninjas that I adore up in that I'm thinking on it now but MDS&W may just be doable the first weekend of May.

I talked to Gnat and she and I may be having some adventures..heaven help us..are y'all ready for a SassyBarknknit podcast adventure? Mainly, we both agree that we want to go mainly to meet Jasmin and GiGi of the Knitmore girls and other good stuffs.

However, if I do end up going, it's gonna be a year o' travels that roughly look like this:
  • April: therapeutic ninja conference in Tybee Island, GA
  • May: maybe MDS&W?
  • June: therapeutic ninja summer camp in West Virginia & Ashevegas 2010 retreat in Asheveille, NC
  • August: Boone, NC for cousin's wedding
  • October: SAFF up in Ashevegas, NC
  • November: Ft. Belvoir for wonderbebehking & Baltimore for therapeutic ninja workshop
Dates not included but possible include my travels for certifications if I pass the jazzercise movement screen later this month.

Alright, off to go smack some wateraerobics ass, y'all have a great day!!


Jasmin said...

DUDE! You totally should go. I just need to arrange our plane tickets and car. So much to do!

KnitNurd said...

Oooohhh, you will adore Jasmin and Gigi...awesome women!! Make the plans and don't look back. :=)

loonyhiker said...

What a great opportunity! That would be so much fun. It sure sounds like you have a fun year planned out but...I don't see Greenville on your list! I hope you add that somewhere. :)