Monday, March 1, 2010

a bit of snark & a medal from Bob!

Here's my medal from bobicus maximus for Wonderbabyking's Booties of Wonk that I posted yesterday! the rest of my weekend included a field trip w/ SuperC to the grocery store and helping him on my Main in WoW do some of the 3 man quests on his Shammy while listening to the NASCAR race stream.

I'm a bit perturbed this morning by insurance companies. I am most confident that if I were a doctor treating someone for diabetes, I'd not have the run around that I face while filing insurance claims. I wouldn't have to deal with the shadiness of insurance companies that purposely stall claims under the guise of "checking for other health insurance" or "checking for pre-existing conditions". Some therapists have gotten so pissed that they no longer accept insurance. I believe in insurance because if it weren't for the coverage that I have, I would not be able to see a therapist myself to stay well and maintain my therapeutic ninja-prowess. Either way, the day is shaping up to look like at least one ass-chewing that I shall have to give to a major carrier that has jerked me around and messed with my monies. I don't like it when people fuck with my money. There, I've said it. Some days, it's enough to make me want to change careers and seriously consider opening up a yarn shop.


KnitNurd said...

Soooo, maybe you should tell us how you really feel? lol just kidding!
Wouldn't owing a yarn shop be awesome? Now, that's therapy!!! :=)
Congrats on the weight loss AND receiving your Bobicus Maximus medal!!!!

Courtney said...

Insurance companies can be a big pain in the ass, I sooo dont envy having to deal with them! I am sorry :-(

Lisa said...

i say screw em (insurance co)! you would still have lots of patients because of your ability TO DO GOOD WORK not just bill insurance. they will still come and few do!! i have my interview today...i'll let you know how it goes...L.