Thursday, February 25, 2010

My AI picks

I'm Fru & I like American Idol. Y'all can make fun of me all ya want but I enjoy the songs and I enjoy the uninterrupted knit time. So here are my predictions for who's getting the boot this week. Let me just say though that the only time I've ever attempted to sing decently is with the help of liquid courage. In fact, when I went to Governor's School and HAD to sing, I purposely placed myself by a voice major because girlfriend can't read treble clef. Here we go!

Jermaine, lemme scream & be overindulgent

Tim, I'm cute but gonna pick a song where I can't hit the high notes

Lacey, where I'ma sing Landslide and lose the key

Ashley, where I hold the mike & lose my confidence

And finally, as requested, here's wat was in the SPK bag that I got in the mail this week:
Buddha Eye 60% wool/40% recycled silk by Nepal

She's lovely, isn't she?


knittinwolf said...

Not too many of them are that great this year so far....both nights was kinda boring.....all the auditions were great....maybe next week they'll do better since this is the first week for them!

Gorgeous fibah!

Courtney said...

I love American Idol!!!! I agree with you on the people going home....there is a sad bunch of male singers this year.

The yarn is lovely too! I love purple!