Saturday, February 20, 2010

jr techie badge!!

Lots to cover this Saturday AM before I go work off some fluff in the pool!!

As you can see from Bobicus Maximus, I did get another medal for my Ravelympics Redemption scarf! Yay!! I love the Ravelympics!!!

And now, here is where I earned my jr. techie badge! I'm most proud b/c SuperC is an IT guy!

So yesterday, I received notice that In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan was finally available for me to download via audiobook and I was stoked. So I hook up my iPod shuffle and the Overdrive Media platform that the library uses and proceed to download the book. fails...frequently. So I update the Windows Media security settings, check my settings in iTunes and realize that my PC is having a bad break up with my iPod shuffle and is not seeing it whenever I put it in the USB port. So i think..hmm..many moons ago, we had a Samsung MP3 player around here, I wonder if that will work...I dust it off, and realize, "oh snap, I need a usb cable to connect it".

here is where I'm so proud: Off I go into SuperC's office/game room that has like 4 pcs, a raid and other techie stuff. I wade through the cords on his desk and find a usb cord, "Eureka!" I cry, much to JiJi's dismay and priss back into the kitchen. I promptly hook it up, my computer decides that it likes Samsung way better b/c let's face it, iPods are SOOOO high maintenance and whoosh! I now have an MP3 player for my audio books and my iPod shuffle will be for podcast goodness. Anyhoo..I was beaming by the time SuperC got him until he kindly reminded me that his office was not a free-for-all to find hardware and handed me that actual usb cable that came with Sally Samsung!

And now, here's something that I'm so stoked about.

I got fiber bling for my ride, Evelyn Jane! I call her Evie..and yes, I had a crush on the Evie character from The Mummy when I got my car like 10 years ago! But I saw these on and ordered them!! I love 'em, aren't they cute?!


Tasha King said...

i'm surprised you have not annouced that your awesome sis in law is prego !

on a softer note, you look awesome, your stuff is awesome and well you are awesome. that is all

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Oh, I love those decals!!!! Me want!

Courtney said...

I love the window decals! I have one that says Caution...Beware of the knitter.