Sunday, February 21, 2010

I got ur number & a little bit of FAIL

Happy Sunday! So the first part of this post is dedicated to that little hussy, Sally Samsung (my MP3 player) who decided to not play any of In defense of Food, an audiobook yesterday!

Dear Sally Shady MP3 player,

I got ur number, missy! My window's smart phone
can play media so I spent the afternoon listening to
my audiobook on my tilt!

So put that in ur USB port, and smoke it, sister!!

Love, Fru

The 2nd part of this post is dedicated to wonderbabyking:

Dearest Wonderbabyking,

I prowled through the pages of patterns on Ravelry
yesterday because your Auntie Fru is crazy about you
and crazy about making you wonderbebehthings!

I found a pattern to make you some sockies and set off at
a maddening pace. However, they turned out wonky.
So unless you turn into a chunky monkey with big ole honkin' legs
with tiny ankles, I am off to find you some more handmade goodness.

I've enclosed pictures to further support my case.

I love you dearly, little one! Godspeed!
--Auntie Fru

Note to readers: never waste ur knits! Le che in the kitchen was cold so he asked if he could model le booty of fail! Looks good on him, me thinks!

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Courtney said...

THe bootie makes a very nice beanie for Le Che!