Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear bunny....

Dear Birfday Bunny,

so this year, I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you for not showing up in the middle of the night and snuffin' me out for being too demanding. I really appreciate the fact that on January 19th, almost 33 years ago, you showed up and dropped me on the doorstoop of my parent's house in Cheverly, Maryland. I'm glad you decided to drop me in the midst of a very frigid winter and early in the morning. Because of this, I have affinity for rising early in the morning, and a tumultuous relationship with the cold. I also appreciate the strong passion you have passed on for Cadbury Creme Eggs and Shiny things. Others have criticized me for having Magpie Syndrome, but I know it's just your way of reminding me that I'm special.

This year, as you probably know from listening to my shinypodcast that I'm coldsheeping it. Coldsheepin' It means I'm on a fiber diet, as in I'm not buying any until I travel to SAFF in late October. That being said, my fuzzy little angel, I have a very sincere and direct request:

I needs this:

This lovely yarn pron is called Unicorn, it's a sock yarn @ Knitpicks and it's description is just perfect, bunny:

A fanciful, feminine colorway in light to medium tones of aqua, rose, and purple with a creamy light yellow running throughout.

I needs it, I wantz it, and I must haz it! It's $4.99 a hank @ knitpicks (I've also put up a wishlist there if you are feeling generous and the economy has been kind to you). I need two of these to make some amazing Fru socks! I'll even name them after you, mmkay? Fru's BunnyFooFoo Badazz Socks?

Okay so I hope you got that, I mean it, okay? If you cannot handle this request, please pass it along to that rolly polly pudgey fat flying cupid kid that shows up in February, okay?