Wednesday, December 30, 2009

yay for greenie beanies!

So while trolling around blogdom, I found this site. I had a hard time picking which jpg to "borrow" and put up here..but seriously, she's got a wicked great sense of humor.

So i'm enjoying my day of va-kaykay by trying to stay well. AM started with Jazzercise and the rest of the day has been for knitting and avoiding the siren song of Simply Socks Yarn Co. and their hella awesome sale right now!

It was hard but I did it! I did not buy anymore yarn pron. Simply socks had some awesome solid colored sock yarn pron but I did not do it!!


Courtney said...

That is a very funny picture! Good job for avoiding buying more yarn, you are a stronger person than me :-)

KnitNurd said...

No worries fru...I'll pick up the slack for you and buy some pron! I'll just consider it my civic duty...hehehe