Monday, December 28, 2009

holy shitballs!!!

I was thinking of something clever yet veiled to title this post but I'm just not feeling it.

So it's a little after 4 pm on Monday and it's been a fantastic day of not working! AM started with a rump shakin' at Jazzercise and then I wandered around KMart, looking mainly for a red or pink cardigan. I didn't find it but I did clean up on some very heavily discounted shirts. Yes, I bought clothes from KMart. I remember when I was in middle school, it was the biggest put down to be told that you shopped at KMart. Well, this girl shops at KMart because it's hella cheap and I'm going through sizes like a mofo.

Yesterday, I managed to rearrange the front room and gather Goodwill donations. As I blog this, I'm listening to podcast episodes and preparing to record the next episode of SassyPants Knitter tomorrow. I've used the time this afternoon to finish up some things for my practice and make a list of the other things I'd like to get done during my time off.

The title of today's post comes from my visit to the nutritionist this afternoon. You see, the darndest thing happens when you change your eating habits entirely. For me, I can't stomach fried food very well anymore (the SHAME!!!) and totally expected nothing but oogahchucka-ness during my least favorite part of meeting w/ the nutritionist, the weigh in. So I get on the scale. I can't tell you exactly what I said because I heard my nutritionist say something like, "that is awesome!!!".

I've lost 31 lbs.

Since 9/21/09.

Holy Shitballs!!


KnitNurd said...

You rock, fru!!! Congratulations on the 31 lbs!!!! You are truly an inspiration!

Courtney said...

YAY! Congrats!

knittinwolf said...

Fabulouso! Awesome you kick butt girlie.....after I get rid of this friggen cold I'm gonna shimmy, yoga, walk this buttea off! hugs