Thursday, November 5, 2009

uh hmmm..

I should be getting ready to go to work...beh! I'd rather blog instead!

Okay so what can I tell you about this week:
  • BabyBro and AwesomeTash are in town, en route to their move up North. I get to see them tomorrow!
  • Work continues to be plentiful and fulfilling.
  • I am working on the podcast. I have gotten wonderful help from Gnat and have an idea of cost of hosting the show and have been pestering Cooter (who, by the way, shall now be known as SuperC) to help me play w/ recording software.
  • Entertaining the idea of logos. You can hit SassyPants Knitter to see what I have in mind. Mind you, it's a rough draft but it may be what I go with in the mean time.
  • Also, back from last November, I shall list one thing I am grateful for each day of the month. So here it goes:
  1. My improving health
  2. My ever-patient, loving husband
  3. JiJi Toonsie running up and down the halls in the morning
  4. BayBay kitty fussing at me when I come home
  5. Internet access at home
I encourage you to take some time and list what you are grateful for this month!

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Lisa said...

Hey! I'm just catchin up on all your adventures..looks like you had a ton of fun at SAFF! And I will definitely tune in to your podcast!! Can't wait to hear your "rambles"!! I'll be in touch about the with you soon!