Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday shopping commence-a-con

I hope everyone is recovering from Halloween Goodness. I, for one, enjoyed a day of knitting and reading and relaxing and shopping!

Yes, I'm one of those people who try to get things done b/c I don't like crowds and would rather get friendly w/ the UPS guy instead of the Rent-a-cop at the Mall.

Probably the kewlest thing I discovered yesterday is that you can download a shit ton of yarn pron-knit related podcasts through iTunes for free. I blame this really on barknknit I was listening to her podcast and thinking..."hey..I could do that..I want to do a podcast". So I'm doing research right now to see if that's even possible. Think of a podcast from me as an audio version of my blog, if you will. You'd just get to hear my voice and my silly ramblings about all things important to me.

Speaking of me, here's something that I'm working on:

My first ever toe-up socks using the Magic Loop method. hello, it's hella easy?!! Next attempt will be of two socks at once on one circular needle! Yes, I am that much of a knitting badazz ninja.

I've also been working on KayKay's turtles. I've made two..and since it takes no time to crank them out..I'm gonna aim for two a week until the shower and just see what she wants to do with them. I am playing with different color combos and they are mindless, tiny, and cute.

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