Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yarny adventure, commence-a-con!!

The day is finally here!

I've been looking forward to heading to SAFF since April of this year when I plunked down my monies and signed up for the classes!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!

I will be jaunting around Ashevegas today w/ the lovely Pugger and the resting b/c my classes start early tomorrow AM. Classes I'm taking are:
  • Beginning Crochet (yes, I know I learned in August) but I'm sure I will love this!
  • Beginning Fair Isle/Stranded knitting (think adding designs w/ different colors in yarn)
  • Magic Loop (I'm hoping this will let me rest my worn size 1 pair of bamboo dpns to crank out socks more efficiently)
So that's it for now..I'll be back on Sunday afternoon w/ a post and a post-yarn pron glow, I assure you!


1 comment:

Andrew Newby said...

I told my wife you'll be at SAFF too, so you might get tracked down.