Thursday, September 3, 2009

catch up, catch up!

Okay, so I've been MIA of late....

Break down, bullet style:
  • I am hooked on crocheting! har har..Pardon the pun, but since I've learned how to single crochet and that's how most of the cutest amigurumis are made..that's what I've been doing!
  • Band practice started last week and it's good to play my trombone again! My mouth didn't think so last week, but it will be fine.
  • Snaps for my nerfew, Gabriel, who got invited to play in the stands w/ the Lexington High School Band!! That is pretty badazz for a 7th grader, in my opinion! The King Family Trombone Tradition!
  • Met with a nutritionist and will have a test run in two weeks where I breathe into a tube and it measures how much energy I need to burn calories.
  • Have been doing some heavy duty therapeutic work with my therapist so I've been tired of late!
  • Today is the kick off of the Gamecocks Football Season! Go Cocks!

1 comment:

puggerhugger said...

congrats to nerfew, love the crochet its very peaceful huh. Also go go fru for therapy work!