Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mid-week mumbles

I survived another Jazzercise class this AM. I'm beyond thrilled with myself for this. It feels great to dance and be on land (again). I did a bit better about pacing myself this AM as well.

Yesterday, I picked up my brother Joe and we attended Roy's memorial service, which was sad. I'm very proud of my Dad for delivering the most touching tribute. I kept thinking, if one of my best friends had died, would I have been able to sit up there and talk? Hell NO! So my Dad wins the "Fru's Hero of the Week".

After the memorial, I convinced Josephine (my pet name for my brother Joe) to go get Chinese with me and then I returned home into a spring-roll induced food coma. Until BayBay kitty bossed me around and informed me that I was NOT supposed to be sleeping on HER side of the bed during the day.

Cooter & I then took ourselves to get our hairs did. It was a good day.

And it being mid-week, it's a fairly good week. Here are some of the things I'm bouncing around in my mind at the moment:
  • I need to buy a new filter for the air cleaner in the kitchen, but they are $57!!
  • I'm thinking about getting my knit on for xmas gifts already. I'm not doing a lot of hand made stuff but I do have family members who are relocated up north and they will need some nice things to keep their toesies warm.
  • that's pretty much it....fru, out!

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