Monday, July 13, 2009

hair, toes, yarn, check!

I realize I have been a bit slack in my posting lately. I just been busy. I am super excited b/c the wedding event of the year is THIS WEEKEND, where my baby brother will marry the most awesomest girl God could have EVER picked for him.

So I got my hair did, my toes did (electric blue..sooooo hawt). I got my dress, and my camera, and my dancing I can enjoy the weekend down in Columbus, GA.

I got beautiful yarnz from my friend Beffie up in CT and she also gifted me some beautiful sock yarnz since I agreed to make her a pair of socks.

Another circe I ordered for myself has arrived and since someone haz a birfday coming up (that would be you, Gramma King) I can't say much about it yet but I will have an update soon.

Okay that's all I gotz for now, Monday-fru, out!

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