Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I still love Sage!

Happiness is a puppy named Sage.
I went by to visit and she's just the sweetest and I love her to pieces. We are going to get her a harness and she's gonna be my walking buddy (if that's okay with her).

Work has been slow this week and I've been grateful. I hit the ground running after the Poconos and spent much of last weekend resting. I'd been a little slow getting back into the swing of things but I think I'm working on it better now.

I'm still being a slack butt on Ravelry (sorry Pugger) and had to back out of going up to Ashevegas this Saturday b/c I could not find a sub to teach my H20 aerobics class. This bums me out incredibly.

I totally forgot to share or maybe I did, this wrap:

that I made with free yarn that was given to me by an awesome person on ravelry...anyhoo..I finished it and it was lovely but too dressy for me so I donated it to the Arts and Crafts Auction at the summer workshop I attended. It sold for ...wait for it...$60.00!!!! Something I made sold for $60?!!! I was thrilled!!!

Okay that's it for my Wednesday wrap up. Remember: cupcakes make any day better!!


Tashahart said...

plenty of cuppiecakes at the wedding!

puggerhugger said...

We missed you bigtime but Valentina is getting mailed your way along with tons of goodies. I am determined to crash your party one day soon, meet Cooter, and the kitties...