Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I haz been a' busy

So I really blame this on Kristi, my sister in law, for telling me about this kewl game on facebook called FarmTown. This is really her fault b/c now I'm a farming mo'fo, and spend much of my free time, blinging out my farm. The farm pictured here is something I ganked off of the internetz.

So here's the quick n' dirty about adventures de Fru:
  • I attempted to make a video blog entry, called FruCake, but the audio didn't turn out. I could post it here but it's not ready yet.
  • I'm heading up to Fredrock, MD w/ the parental units on Saturday and will be back the following Sunday. I'll be in Fredrock, and then driving up to the Poconos for my summer workshop on Tuesday AM. Frederick, MD is where my Mom's side of the family lives.
  • At this point, I'm ready to get out of town but not really expecting too much on my trip.
  • I've learned that before you agree to co-chair a hospitality suite, it's helpful to find out what all goes into that. Yes, it's just snackies and drinks but how do you think the snackies and drink get there? And what kind of snackies and drinks get there? And will everyone like the snackies and drinks that you pick? And will they fit into your economy rental car? And can you stay within budget?
  • I have spent the last few days finishing up lil knitting projects that have been promised to that side of the family that I had been putting off. As a result, I've not worked on my Fru-walker socks and I haz a kninjury..knit + injury = kninjury
  • In the field of my work, I got to try out my line, "Do you work for free because I don't!" and it went pretty awful. But I've recovered, and I'm stronger for it. And if you ever EVER go to therapy, please pay your therapist. You don't go to the drive through and expect a free hamburger based on your good looks..why would you expect free therapy?
  • I am behind the loop in ravelry and the sock monkeh adventures. I'll straigthen that out when I get back. I will attempt to blog and update when I'm away but I can't guarantee anything.

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