Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fru twister

After reading Yarn Harlot's blog about her humanness, I am compelled to share what I am so very aware of here lately.

I am a twister...a tornado at times, bumbling around, dropping things, running into things, finding bruises that I have no idea where they came from. I forget things, have to be redirected, reminded and chided frequently to stay on task.

Cooter was explaining to me that he's devised a system to show me how exasperated he becomes with me and he's given me permission to share it here:

  1. "Fru!" <- first level, to redirect me, remind me that I was supposed to do something.
  2. "WTH Fru" <- second level, tired of reminding me to do something
  3. "WTF Fru" <- third level, as in.."really, honey, you sure you don't have ADD?"
I try to tell Cooter frequently that I have many things going on in this awesome brain of mine and because I'm so talented, tasky and gifted, I get off track at the place I feel most comfortable: my house. Which, as I posted on the Rav board, would look this this:
In my castle, I bump into things, start 50 million-bajillion things at once, tear through the house, leaving socks, yarn, and kitty fur behind. My home is my sanctuary and my safest place to be.

And it's the place where I don't have to have all the answers, unlike in my psychotherapy practice where people pay me to have the answers, or in my teaching water aerobics, where people expect me to have the answers.

So..that's what's happening in this fuzzy bedazzled head of mine this morning. Now I'm off to pretend I have the answers as I go teach H20 aerobics.

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puggerhugger said...

Yeah but I hope cooter balances his view of this fru with many observations on the total complete wonderfulness that is sparkly fantastic fru-ness.