Thursday, April 30, 2009

All this may just go to my head!!!

Well here's meh foot and the first ever knitted sock on double-pointed needles of death. It's slow going but I'm so proud I've not put my eye out.

Other fru-related news bits:

Related to my work:
  • It's been hard to focus this week. I often don't see burn out until it smacks me in the eyes.
  • I opted out of my building's open house and felt like a jerkface, even though it was the right thing to do. If you're going to have a collaborative Open House, and you see the flyer and it has nothing on the flyer about your business, doesn't seem too collaborative does it?
Related to my knitting:
  • Finished my part of drama free scarf and need to ship.
  • Got an awesome swap box with chocolate! nom, nom nom!!
  • Am still working like mad on my first ever knitted sock, pictured above.
  • I registered for the following classes at SAFF. AND I PAID FOR THEM!! which means I haz to go now: Beginning crochet, beginning stranded knitting (Fair Isle) and Magic Loop
Related to gaming:
  • After much heartache, guild leader ship has been handed over to someone who I think it just hella awesome.
  • And me! I'm the coleader! Cookies for everyone!!
  • Cooter created this awesome website for our guild:
Home : Iron Wolves - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

Related to reading:
  • You know, I felt like I created Library adultery when I paid to get books from Richland County Public Library. But I should have cheated sooner...because I've gotten my hawt little hands on all the books I had to wait on FOREVER in the Lexington system.
  • I managed to get Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber in MP3 format. So now I can listen to it on my ipod shuffle and knit like mad on my socks.
  • I'm almost done w/ all of the House of Night books by PC Cast b/c I've been able to get them pretty quickly from RCPL.
Okay, that's my meanderings this week. Remember, tomorrow is Cupcake Pron Friday! I got a good one!

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puggerhugger said...

Damn woman you are busy! huge box with guy monkey on the way to ya! Great job on sock! I was so intimidated by the pagewood farms I went n bought some red heart sock yarn.