Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March!

So this is what is going on here, in Cayce, South Cackalacky. It was 70 on Friday and beautiful. It rained a monsoon all day yesterday and now they are calling for snow here this evening.

I'd love for it to snow b/c it's pretty. And I love the weather here.

This weekend has been great. Want to know why? Because I did nothing...NOTHING. I was supposed to go to a training on Saturday, thought about it, got someone to teach my H20 class and decided to stay home.

At home, I proceeded to pack up SassylePoof! and get her ready to send up north. I also packed up SoulwarriorWoot who will be heading out to Arizona tomorrow. I also packed up some dishcloth goodness for meh favorite person, Tasha. So I feel like i've gotten bunches done and now I'm just waiting for the JD dishcloth swap to get to me and to find out who my pincushion april fool swappee will be.

I think I've decided that at least once a month, I need a down weekend to hold still...and not do anything that I don't want to do. I love to teach H20 and getting up early on Saturday mornings holds me accountable. But sometimes, SuperFru just needs to catch her breath and read, knit, or blow up stuff on Warhammer.

Speaking of Warhammer, the server transfer was the best thing we could have done as a guild. Lots more activity going on which means that Cooter is in a better mood.

Now I must go blow up some stuff until it's time to go watch Nascar.


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