Thursday, February 5, 2009


So it's been suggested that I define some of my common words since they are mine and may not make sense to people. So I'll randomly do a "wiki-wennyfru" blog with word usage, etc.

  • "loveubye": wat I say to Cooter when I'm getting off the phone with him
  • "neepy": a"I need to take a neepy"
  • "LaSarah": my war cry when I'm feeling especially saucy while playing Warhammer.
  • "Dushawn Mandick": A nice way of insulting"He's such a dushawn mandick to treat her like that".
  • "Cran Grape": in Warhammer terms, it's a"Oh man..I didn't realize he was a I'm getting my azz beat".
  • "Fru-ed": girlyfied or, "Honey, look at all these kewl stickers I put on my calendar..they are sparklie b/c I fru-ed it.
  • Barn-burnin': Used frequently in my h20 classes, as in, "Okay y' it's time for some barn-burnin' cardio".
  • OHSNAP: my exclaimation in therapy or any where else where something is neat, bad, kewl, silly, or, I gotta pay how much to Uncle Sam?!
  • monkeh: Sassyspeak for monkey
  • Sashafierce: tearing it up on the dance floor, introduced by Tasha, it shall be used like this, "Girl, I am totally gonna sashafierce it up when you and JMK get married!!"
  • Fru-out: My homage to sweet Ryan Seacrest on American Idol.

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Tashahart said...

sweet ! i got in the frutionary of words !