Saturday, January 24, 2009


So much of the day has found me sleeping!!

BUT...I got some awesome books from the Richland County Public Library book sale last night with KayKay. It was a fiasco but not nearly as bad as I was expecting! Support your local libraries!!

I had my birthday lunch with Mom and Dad today where Dad made hella-awesome food. My favorite was the crab soup which was just awesomenesss!!! I will post pics of my birfday circe from them, which is an AWESOME Ipod 2 GB Shuffle!!! AWESOME!!

I got also on Friday some beautiful beautiful flowers from DD!! I will take pictures and post the goodness of them tomorrow!!

Now I must go play and boss people around on Warhammer!

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Rusty said...

Hey Priss....thanks for sharing the site. Guess who is GL now? :)