Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Ramblings of a distracted girl

So yesterday was a busy day but I made it that way so I can't complain too much. Here are some of my thoughts going on this morning before I jaunt off to teach H20 aerobics:
  • I spend way too much time on Facebook & Ravelry.
  • I love the people that I've met on Ravelry. They are awesome, kind, generous, and make me laugh!
  • Getting certified to teach water aerobics is one of the best things I've ever done. It's done wonders for my self esteem.
  • I believe I spent much of high school and the better part of college depressed and just didn't know it.
  • I can only play Warhammer in small spurts because I get distracted and tired easily. That's why I play so many characters.
  • I love the people that I play Warhammer with and they tolerate me fairly well.
  • I commit to things and then change my mind about them.
  • I wish I were a better cook.
  • Learning how to knit was another one of the best things I've ever done. I love the yarn, the picking of colors, the calling up Gram and saying, "I'm stuck'.
  • Though I miss Hilton Head and all of it's magic, I'm so glad that I get to have Knitty Fridays with my Gramma.
  • Watching my Gramma sew meh sock monkey yesterday was hypnotic. She's so adept at using the machine, marking, and making that I just wanted to watch and make a memory.
  • I didn't finish meh sock monkeh yesterday so right now, SassylePoof! is in the grocery bag at Grammy's, wondering why her butt is lumpy.
  • When I don't exercise every other day, I can TELL.
  • My marriage is one of my greatest accomplishments.
  • I am thrilled that my body has reacted to yoga as well as it has. It's like getting back on a bicycle again.
  • I eat way too much candy for someone my age.
  • Sometimes I have to battle my depression more than I'd like.
  • I screw up friendships if they aren't convienient.
  • I have an active imagination that keeps me suspended in childlike wonder. Some call it naivete, I call it survival.
  • I have thought and continue to think about becoming a vegetarian.
  • I have a crush on the President.

1 comment:

puggerhugger said...

You are too cute. crush on the president. :)
Sasslepoof! has a lumpy butt and Sister Mary Monkeypants is a gimp. Woohoo!
Congrats on cooter, snaps for that- marriage is HARD.
Love you, W-Fru