Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Midweek meanders...

So lately I've been very distracted. Having very much feelings like I can't concentrate and such...I don't know what that's about..but I've started using the Vista Gadget option and putting sticky notes up to remind myself.

My week has gone very well so far.

In the area of: Yoga:
  • Monday, I got my traveling yoga mats and yoga bags so I can keep a mat in the office, one at home, and one in my car. I used the one in my office yesterday and it's great! I went to yoga at CY on Monday and it kicked my azz but I love it.
  • My Mama bought me a great DVD called Yoga for Beginners that I can play on my computer and do yoga to at home. I browsed through it today and it's just awesome.

In the area of: My work:
  • All is well there. There are a few things that are irking me but I am working on them.
In the area of: Knitting Goodness:
  • Sockmonkeh kits arrived on Monday as you can see from previous posts. I plan on making them this Friday with my Grammy. I also bought some accessories for my monkeh to travel with, including a tiara, glasses, and some other super secret things that will be revealed in the future. My sock monkeh is named, SassylePoof! She is spicy, but not French, a little crazy, obsessed with all things sparklie, including glitter nail polish and believes that David Hasselhoff is her man. "Don't hassle le Hoff!!" is her mantra!
  • I'm working on knitting my first dishcloth evah for the dishcloth swap. The pattern came from the pattern-a-day calendar I got and it's easy going. I'm knitting while I'm watching American Idol. It's the first time I've used cotton yarn and my Gramma will prolly kill me for saying this but I'm not a fan!
  • Love Bites Swap: I've got just about everything I need for the Love Bites swap. I have a box of goodies to send out and am waiting for a few things that I've ordered. My spoilee is well read in all areas of vamp fiction so I'm not sure I'll be sending her any books...but..I am taking a special trip to In the Loop later this week to see if I can get my hawt little hands on some bamboo yarn for her.
In the area of: Family:
  • Sheba, Mama & Papa's 12 yr old chocolate lab lost her vision last night. She's battling cancer and it's breaking my heart. She will not be with us much longer and that just sucks. It sux, it sux, it sux.
  • Kathy, my Mama & Papa's niece, is in the ICU for a myriad of health problems. Her Dad, our Unc, passed away in October. I can just keep praying...praying..but sometimes I really wish I could call God directly and say, "What gives???!!!"
In the area of: Warhammer:
  • I'm currently leveling a tank and ranged DPS. I enjoy playing both of these.
  • Our guild got a new leader and this is kewl b/c I think the promotion was long overdue and much needed.
  • I don't play much during the week b/c I have so many other things going if I'm not on, don't worry...I will be :).
That's all for now, Fru-out!


Rusty said...

Sounds like someone in Warhammer needs to crack some whips to get you back on more....LOL

puggerhugger said...

Our lab is 13, has terminal cancer. We cant bring ourselves to put her to sleep. It does suck.

a tiara?! I love it. Son #2 already had an idea for something he thinks I should make for Sassylepoof!

Betty Graham said...

Puggerhugger,hope you dont mind me talking to you by way of my Wendy`s Blog..This is Wendy`s Mama
Our Lab is on Prednisone to try and bring down the swelling and Deramaxx for pain..Anything different being done for your Lab?