Saturday, January 10, 2009

First week round up

As I sit here, enjoying the last of my Dark Chocolataye Lindor Truffles from Christmas, I am thinking that the first full week of January for me has been a good one. Significant things/goofy things that I'm aware of this no particular order:
  • My Dad reads my blog & this makes me feel good! Hi, Pop Pop!
  • I remain completely blessed in my work.
  • It's always important to dress in layers at band practice. No more sweating my arse off in rehearsal like I did last week.
  • The first Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Until Dark, is entertaining.
  • It's good to take chances in yoga.
  • It's necessary to rest when you have an upper respiratory infection that requires you to be on heavy duty cough syrup.
  • It IS possible to knit socks on two needles as I have begun doing this today & so far, it is most enjoyable.

1 comment:

puggerhugger said...

go go two sock needle fru! Snaps for sock progress and for having a nice Dad