Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bring on the holiday!

I'm back from seeing Dr. Weaver, who was very kind. Although I had to wait longer than I would have liked to see him, the visit was worth it.

After taking two lumbar xrays, what I know for so' is this:
  • My back is in good shape.
  • Discs are in good shape.
  • My left leg is shorter than the right (damn you, softball injury as a child)
  • My hips have been jacked up for a while and the injury two weeks ago was the final straw
So after the consultation, evaluation, and xrays, I laid on the table and had moist heat and electric stimulation which was great and fun! Then the crack commenced and I giggled b/c hey..what else are you gonna do when a nice lookin' man is pushing on you and making your back sound like a board snapping in half?!

Good news: My back's in good shape. Bad news: hips are jacked. I have to go back and see him on Saturday to make sure the adjustment held. My goal is to not need to see him on a regular basis so please send positive thoughts of hip alignment my way. Now, I must go make out with an ice pack on my back...and celebrate the merriment that is Christmas Eve.

And I must go investigate the presents marked for me that mysteriously appeared on the fireplace whilst I was away.

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