Sunday, November 23, 2008

Post rant

I was tempted to take down my rant for fear that people may judge me and my frustrations as overreaction and dramatics but I've decided to leave it. I am who I am and am apologizing less and less for the way I'm feeling about things these days.

I survived my long friday and the concert went very well on Friday evening although it was a long night. My mouth held up a lot better than I could have imagined. I love the guys I play with in the trombone section. They tolerate my sillyness, grumpyness and humor very well!

I had every intent to get to H20 aerobics yesterday but the reality of my runningness sank in and I decided to hold still and breathe. I took my bilo free turkey over to mom and dad's and visited with them. I hadn't seen them in a number of weeks and I missed them. I love seeing my dad get all excited about his ebay items that he's selling. His username is intheplan so check it out if you want to support him in his quest to sell stuff :).

I came home long enough to eat lunch and then head to get a massge with the awesome most wonderful Michelle. Beyond the fact that whenever she works on me, I'm on the table for over two hours..she tells me her observations about my body which are always reassuringly kind. For example, yesterday she pointed out that I can now put both of my hands behind my back and clasp them..I couldn't do that when she started working on me in September. So I've lost weight in my back..inches she says..especially noticable in my joints..wrists, and ankles. She also says that my calf muscles are turning into superwoman calves. Y'all know I love to hear stuff like that...!!
I came home to rest and play some much needed playage on Warhammer. It's nice to be home..not running here and there.

This morning, I was awoken by BayBay kitty fussing at the birds out back..the sweetest way to wake up, in my opinion. I've spent the morning finishing up Christmas shopping, blogging, planning the week ahead, and resting. Life is good!

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