Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheap gift ideas for La'Fru

So yesterday I managed to knock out a bit more of my holiday shopping and I'm so pleased with myself that I'm about 80% done. As I blog this, I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong album, which is one of my favorites.

Because life has been fairly stress free, I'm going to post some neat and cheap (at least in my opinion) gift ideas for yours truly.

So these would be Lindt's dark chocolate truffles. I was introduced to these things at Mama & Papa's on Sunday. And they are sooooooo good. You can get a bag of these beauties for $10.00.

As usual, I'm requesting original chapstick. It all goes back to my Dad having this stuff around when I was little. I'm hooked and if you want to see me come undone and squirm, watch me leave my chapstick at home. And well, a girl can never have too many chapsticks, can she? $1.99 for one or $3.99 for 3 @ drugstore.com

This, my sweets, is birdseed..wild bird seed. I needs lots o' it to keep the kitty babies entertained while we're at work. I have a 6 gallon pail that I keep filled..or try to keep filled. I prefer the cheap kind so I can be generous with it. I can go to Lowe's and get a bag of this for ~$20.00

Okay, those are some cheap ideas for me. As more things come to mind, I'll be sure to try to post them here.

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