Thursday, October 9, 2008

BoyFru & La'Fru

Us after our haircuts by the fabulous Kathy yesterday!! She indulged me & chopped all my hair off for me!!

Houston, I think we have a compromise!! In the past, here is what you would typically hear at our haircut appointments:

La'Fru: "But I want to color my hair pink!"

BoyFru: "It's not professional and you own a business!!!"

Kathy: "I'm staying out of that!"

La'Fru: "But I need to color it a funky color to express myself"

BoyFru: "No, you want to look like a freak".

Kathy: "The freak look may be in this year?"

Except for yesterday, I picked up the tube of Bubble Gum semi-permanent dye and this is what happened.

La'Fru: "Come on, if you let me cut my hair off, I won't ask again (if I don't like it) <--mumbled

BoyFru: "You'll look like a boy"

La'Fru: "I don' care. If you let me do it just once, I won't ask again (unless it looks hella kewl) <--mumbled

Kathy: "You know, this may be the only way to please her. Give her a funky cut so she'll stay away from crazy colors".

The rest is history.

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Lisa said...

Love the hair cut and +1 for coloring it pink! I have a couple of friends that have hot pink streaks and it looks totally awesome. I would do if I could keep it up.