Sunday, October 12, 2008

And so it begins....

To my Groupies: Pay very close attention to what I've typed here. It will effect your viewership/stalkership
  • I've recently signed up for Swap on a Budget, a board on Ravelry where some lucky person gets my name and gets to send me stuff and I get all happy.
  • I also have the name of someone to spoil and send stuff to to make them happy. So in the next few days, you may see me writing things like, "Dear Spoiler" or "Oh, Snap! Spoiler Alert"...chances are that if you are seeing that, you are seeing me send a coded message to my spoiler.
  • As for my spoilee, I've already got some research and some stalking going, my pet. And your box is already filled with some pretty kewl stuff, if I must say so myself.

Also, dear groupies, if you're scratching your head, saying, "Hmm..just wat should I get Fru for the holidays this year?...take a few tips from the survey below, mmmmmmmkay?

ravelry name..sillyfru

your location…Cayce, SC

what winter holiday do you celebrate…Xmas & New Years

do you have any food allergies..etc.?…No, equal opportunity food lover, devourer of chocolate, and Lays Kettle Cooked Potato Chips..but not at the same time!

do you have any other allergies… I'm allergic to people with shitty attitudes.

do you knit, crochet, or both…I knit, word!

any patterns or books you’ve been longing for…: easy sock patterns that someone spatially challenged like myself can handle

what are you favorite colors or combinations: brown and pink, bright goofy colors, pink, blue and brown, brown and pink

do you collect anything…? I likes angels, kitty cats, kewl ink pens that my clients won't steal

what are you favorite knitting accessories…: I really want some funky needle coverers..and a few row counters, and kewl stitch holders

favorite fall and winter snacks, treats, or drinks…: Read very carefully here: I am an EQUAL opportunity sweet consumer. I loves me some peppermint, chocolate, caramel yummy goodness.

favorite scents…Since funds are low this year, I'd love something holiday themed from Yankee Candle.

all time favorite yarn…soft stuff, hand painted plymouth...though it's expensive

any yarn you would love to try, but haven’t yet…I want that yarn that you knit up and it forms a know, this stuff..or something like it.

favorite fall and winter drinks…: skip the drinks, send me chocolate instead

anything you would like your partner to know...Well, this is my first swap so I'm super excited to get anything in the mail. Send me bright stuff and I'll be stoked. Send me note pads, cat themed stuff and I'll be jazzed. Send me chocolate, awesomeazz yarn, and a Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove book and I'll love you forever...err..or at least until the next Swap on a Budget begins.

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