Friday, September 26, 2008

In which La'Fru attempts her first bag & celebrates a major accomplishment

On Wednesday, I went by In the Loop to ask for some help with a pattern and got a great idea! The store owner suggested that perhaps making a felted skull tote for Halloween was a bit overzealous so perhaps I should try following the tote pattern. I agreed and she pointed the way to some of the most beautiful yarn my hawt little hands had ever seen. So this is what I'm working on, and yes, those are circular needles, which I learned how to use on Wednesday. And yes, Grammy, I bought them, even though you told me not to because you would happily let me use all of your stuff. But you know me and patience don't play well together at times.

I emailed my written certification exam and got an email yesterday that I passed with 89% so I am now certified to teach water aerobics. This is a huge deal for me, y'all. I never thought I could do something like this. So I printed out my test and put it on the fridge so I can show it off.

I'm off to catch PrissPants, my warhammer character up so I won't be in the weeds when BoyFru and I play this evening. Enjoy some random pics I snapped of JiJi kitty enjoying the new storm door below.I call this one, "JiJi don' like buttons"

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