Sunday, September 21, 2008

in which Fru stole her wonder coozy from BoyFru

Yesterday, I consulted with the world's kewlest knittingGrammy to get an idea of how to make a coozy for my aluminum hawt pink water bottle I got from Target. I know, some of you are thinking, "Now La'Fru, why on Earth would you want to cover up something pink?! We all know how much you love pink!" Well..true dear ones, I love pink but you know what is better than pink? A kewl knitted coozy with pink undertones and a "holy cow" button sewn on to make it rocksox!

This was supposed to be for BoyFru but it just popped so much on my water bottle that I stoled it from him. He was okay with that; he sez I can make him a new one.

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Tashahart said...

water bottle cooie, what will they think of next !?